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I have included links to all articles and copies of my author pre-prints for open access. If you would like access to the published version of an article, e-mail me ( and I'm happy to share.

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"Environmental Inequalities in West Africa"

Luna, Jessie K., and Gabin Korbéogo. Forthcoming. Chapter in the Handbook of Inequality and the Environment, edited by Michael J. Lynch, Michael A. Long and Paul B. Stretesky. Edward Elgar Publishing.


The paradoxes of purity in organic agriculture in Burkina Faso.”

Luna, Jessie K., Becca Chalit Hernandez, and Abdoulaye Sawadogo. 2021. Geoforum 127:46-56. 

"Toxic Sensorium: Agrochemicals in the African Anthropocene.”

Stein, Serena, and Jessie K. Luna. 2021. Environment and Society 12:87-107. (Open access).

"Knowledge politics and the Bt cotton success narrative in Burkina Faso."

Luna, Jessie K. and Brian Dowd-Uribe. 2020. World Development.

"Peasant essentialism in GMO debates: Bt cotton in Burkina Faso."

Luna, Jessie K. 2020. Journal of Agrarian Change.

"'Pesticides are our children now': Cultural change and the technological treadmill in the Burkina Faso cotton sector." 

Luna, Jessie K. 2020. Agriculture and Human Values 37(2): 449-462.

The ease of hard work: Embodied neoliberalism among Rocky Mountain fun runners.”

Luna, Jessie K. 2019. Qualitative Sociology. 

The chain of exploitation: Intersectional inequalities, capital accumulation, and resistance in Burkina Faso’s cotton sector.”
Luna, Jessie K. 2018.  The Journal of Peasant Studies.
"'Getting out of the dirt': Racialized modernity and environmental inequality in the cotton sector of Burkina Faso."
Luna, Jessie K. 2018. Environmental Sociology 4(2), 221-234.


“The Environmental Dimensions of Migration."

Hunter, Lori M., Jessie K. Luna, and Rachel M. Norton. 2015. Annual Review of Sociology: 41, 377-97.

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