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                         2018 -      Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Colorado State University



2018        Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Colorado Boulder

                              Dissertation Committee: Chair – Jill Harrison, Liam Downey, Lori

                              Hunter, Emily Yeh (Geography), Mara Goldman (Geography)


2012        M.A. in Development Studies, The Graduate Institute of International and

                              Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland


2006       B.A. in International Relations and Film Production, magna cum laude,

                              University of Southern California, Los Angeles        

2017        American Association of University Women Dissertation Fellowship
2016        U.S Student Fulbright to Burkina Faso
2016        National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant
2016        University of Colorado Boulder Dean's Research Grant 

Luna, Jessie K. 2019. “The ease of hard work: embodied neoliberalism among Rocky Mountain fun runners.” Qualitative Sociology. (If you don't have access: download the paper)

Luna, Jessie K. 2018. “The chain of exploitation: intersectional inequalities, capital accumulation, and resistance in Burkina Faso’s cotton sector.” The Journal of Peasant Studies.
Luna, Jessie K. 2018. "Getting out of the dirt: racialized modernity and environmental inequality in the cotton sector of Burkina Faso." Environmental Sociology 4(2), 221-234


Hunter, Lori M., Jessie K. Luna, and Rachel M. Norton. 2015.

The Environmental Dimensions of Migration.Annual Review of Sociology: 41, 377-97